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Happy Sunday you lot! I'm sure most of you heard the word FOMO before to describe the fear of missing out, but have you ever experienced JOMO, the joy of missing out? I heard this new version of the word for the first time on the 'At Home With' podcast and have been thinking about it ever since. Why do we always have to feel jealousy over what other people are doing? Can't we just be content with our own lives? To refer to an article in the New York Times, "JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out and being O.K. just where you are". 

To give you an example, this weekend I've been at home recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction. Granted it was only one tooth, but it was combined with a sore throat and a feeling that I was going to have a cold. While I've been doing that, the whole city of Montreal was dancing and singing at Osheaga (a music and arts festival), but I don't care. To be honest, I try to avoid festivals like this one because I feel anxious and uncomfortable surrounded by a big crowd of people. I'm sure everyone there is having the time of their lives, but I realized it's just not for me. And that's ok. I'm happy to be missing out and relaxing at home instead.

But of course, sometimes it's the opposite, I do feel the fear of missing out. Like when I see people travel to places like England or Scandinavia, I'm always a little bit jealous. And that's ok too. I believe it's about understanding your own values or your tastes and then trying to have a healthy balance of JOMO and FOMO. 

When do you experience JOMO & FOMO?

Dress: & Other Stories / Sandals: Aldo / Sunglasses: Weekday / Bag: Hermes Picotin via Love that Bag

Photos: Stecie April

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