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Once I finished my awkward teenage years, I got rid of all the plastic jewelry I acquired. This included a neon statement necklace from H&M that I use to dream about and another necklace that looked like a very cheesy Christmas ornament. Since my big clear out, I've been trying to create my perfectly curated personal jewelry collection. This means an assortment of pieces I love, that I know I can wear with anything in my wardrobe and that I will keep for years (if not forever). Of course, this is a long process that can take many years but I feel like I'm at a point now where I'm happy with my jewelry collection. Here are a few tips to help you build your own collection of quality pieces.

1 - Metal

Before choosing any pieces, you need to know what kind of metal you prefer or if you like mixing metals. Do you like gold, silver, rose gold, gunmetal, copper, etc? For my part, I much prefer gold pieces because I feel like they suit my skin tone better and they are timeless. However, I love to have a few silver pieces for when I'm feeling edgier. If you are unsure, look at the pieces you already own to see if anything stands out.

2 - Personal Aspect

Jewelry pieces are very personal, they are meant to be the reflection of your tastes and personality. It can be by using symbols that mean something to you (a key, a cross, a heart, stars, the infinity sign, zodiac signs ...), using birthstones or having monogram pieces. To find out what kind of pieces represent you, I suggest you look at different brands and try to notice certain patterns in what you find pretty. You can also ask people in your entourage to describe how they see you.

3 - Covering All The Categories

When you start building your collection, I suggest you get one piece from each category at a time. So for example, one ring, one necklace, one pair of earrings and one bracelet. Quality pieces that won't tarnish are a bit more expensive so you need to think about them. I also think getting pieces over the years is a better choice than getting them all at the same time because you will understand your tastes better and not fall into the trends too much. 

4- Memories

I think we can all agree that jewelry pieces are beautiful representations of time even if they are not heirlooms or vintage pieces. When I look at a certain ring or a certain bracelet, I will always remember where I got it, who gifted it to me or what period in my life it represents. So if you're looking for gifts to give to people you love or someone is asking what you want for a gift, jewelry pieces are always great!

5- Where To Find Beautiful Pieces

I personally love to discover new jewelry brands on Instagram. Otherwise, I absolutely love Missoma, Catbird, Mejuri and Monica Vinader. There's also Gina Cueto, Pandora, Chupi, Pigment Studio and much more!

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