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Is it just me, or January flew by so fast? I've been back in school for a month now but it doesn't feel like it at all. It's been really busy with work and school but I still managed to discover great things along the way. Today I'm sharing with you my favourites of the last month.

Beautycounter - Adaptive Moisture Lotion

Raise your hand if your skin gets super dry in winter! At night I like to use rich creams but during the day I prefer a moisturizer that absorbs quickly and feels refreshing. I loved this one in January, mainly for the pump dispenser but also because the brand uses ingredients that are safe for our skin and the environment. The formula also contains ingredients that prevent aging, but I would recommend even if you're young because of how hydrating it feels.


OK... I know I know, I'm a bit late on the hype with this product! Last week I was invited to discover the brand and hear the story of the co-founder Sophie Trelles-Tvede. After the presentation, a hair stylist created an up-do with an Invisibobble elastic. I could immediately see the difference with regular headbands: there was no tension in my hair and it left no mark. I've been using them ever since and started noticing that most people have already adopted them haha. 

Alias Grace TV Series

This semester I'm taking a class called "Irish in Canada" as an elective. When I chose my courses, I had absolutely no idea what the class would entail but it sounded interesting and it worked with my schedule. In our required reading list, we have Margaret Atwood's book Alias Grace and I loved it so much that I also started watching the series. It's about Grace Marks, a young Irish immigrant convicted of a murder that happened 15 years ago. The book tells her story as she arrived in Canada and how the events unfolded up until the murder. The actress is brilliant and I am totally absorbed in the story! The series is available for streaming on CBC.ca.

Fairmont's Lot 35 Creamy Earl Grey

I've been told a few times that when it comes to tea, I have very boring tastes. Earl Grey tea with no milk nor sugar is my favourite thing! BUT... I discovered the best Earl Grey flavor last fall at a breakfast event at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel: the Lot 35 Creamy Earl Grey. Since then, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I picked it up this week and had the best cup of tea at work Tuesday afternoon. I'm telling you, it's the little things in life that make a big difference!

Shot From The Street Blog

I've probably talked about her on the blog before but Lizzie Hadfield is my new favourite fashion blogger. She posts amazing YouTube videos, beautiful photos on Instagram and her blog content is impeccable. Her wardrobe is to die for and yet she has a super relatable personality. Every week she has this series on the blog called "my week on film" where she shares film photography of her daily life. It's so so inspiring! Definitely one to add to your reading list!