I am an introvert. Contrarily to extroverts, exterior interactions tend to drain my energy instead of giving me energy (Basically). But I am fine with it, and as a matter of fact, I've noticed that a lot of creative people on the internet are also introverted. It has nothing to do with being shy nor being scared of the public, it's just a way of being productive/creative. Many YouTubers, bloggers, writers, or designers I've met or followed have talked about it on their platform, and I couldn't help but totally agree with what they were saying. Since I'm having a hard time articulating this and explaining my point, I thought I would share with you a podcast and a post that explain it better: Introverts in an Extroverted World by Ladies Who Lunch, and this article in French 'Je suis introvertie et alors' via Mademoizelle. 

As part of being an introvert, one thing I've noticed (in terms of fashion) is that I prefer to shop alone, or online. I hate when salespeople follow me around the shop and give their opinion or talk about their promotions (and I sometimes hate it too when it's friends/family). I like to shop on my own, and without distractions. I feel like picking out an outfit or building your style is a creative process. So on that note, here's an outfit I picked up last week while shopping alone (with my headphones on hehe). It's part of a back to school campaign on Instagram in collaboration with Simons. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

*I just want to point out that being an introvert does not mean that I hate being with people. And I also want to say that extroverts are just as good as introvert, because they're being themselves!

Complete look: Twik @ Simons

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