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I have always been a homebody. I enjoy staying home, cozying up in a blanket, having a nice supper with friends or family, just the simple pleasures at home! Don't get me wrong, I still love to go to a restaurant, watch a movie or attend a dressier event. Where I draw the line is that going out after 10 pm just isn't my thing. I always find myself in uncomfortable situations when I'm out and about in the middle of the night, I do not find pleasure in it. Where it gets complicated is that I keep being told I should just enjoy it while I'm young. But do I really have to? I've never felt that I missed out on anything. Especially since I have tried it multiple times and dislike the whole idea of seeing people overdoing it with alcohol, the anxiety of finding a way to get home, being claustrophobic and wearing clothes I feel uncomfortable in. This is not to say I will never go out again, but I just think there shouldn't be this pressure on people to enjoy their youth the "right way", because there is no "right way". I would rather have dinner with a glass of wine and enjoy the rest of the night catching up with friends at home or at their home. 

Coat: COS / Pants: COS / Sweater: Aritzia

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