Health resolutions have never really been a priority for me, I've always preferred making resolutions on money, social life, school or work. But now, one month into 2018, I decided there are a few things I want to nail down to make sure I prioritize my health. I've left out the obvious "eating better" and "exercising" because I believe there's a balance between everything and also these things are super personal to your own body.

1- Increase My Water Intake

I'm pretty good with water, except when I'm on the go. At work, I have a 1L bottle that I refill twice a day (the BKR one, hands down the best water bottles). But whenever I'm out, I don't want to carry a heavy bottle and I forget about it. For a while, I used the app "Waterlogged" and it was helpful to track my water intake, I want to start using it again. Water is so important for the skin, to avoid headaches and to facilitate digestion. 

2- Sleep

Beauty sleep is a real thing. If I don't sleep 7-8 hours a night, I feel exhausted mentally, drained physically and really moody. If I'm not falling asleep I just try to lie down a relax. To make sure I nail my beauty sleep, I set up a bedtime routine which consists of doing my skincare, reading a book, and going to sleep at a decent hour (most days). It's definitely something that comes as a habit.

3- Reduce Stress

Anyone who knows me can tell you: I'm always super stressed (mostly when I feel like I'm going to be late). Whether it's to take deep breaths or listening to calm music, I know I need to find a way that works for me. Let me know if you have any tips, I would appreciate it!

Trench coat: Jacob / Jeans: The Castings @Artizia / Boots: Aldo / Bag: Loewe via LOVEthatBAG / Earrings: Simons

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