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And I am back with another Glossier post! I figured it was the best way to get back into the beauty posts as I've got a few new products for my birthday. This is a company I absolutely adore, for the products I've tried before, but also for their ethos and what they're all about. I've only received the products two days ago so I can't do a full-on review but I thought it would be fun to share my first impressions! (And read my previous Glossier review here). 

Birthday Balm Dotcom

I was 100% convinced the Coconut Balm Dotcom was my favourite but now I'm not sure because I seriously love this birthday cake-flavored one. Not only is the smell so amazing you want to eat it, it also leaves a shimmery finish on the lips that is very cool and different from a gloss. It's also very hydrating, just like any other flavor. 

Cloud Paint in Dusk

I haven't worn blush in so long because my cheeks tend to get red on their own (and with alcohol eheh) but I'm really happy with this one! The color is a mix between blush and bronzer and is quite pigmented but very easy to blend. I think it's also very buildable and you don't need to apply too much at once. Before buying, I suggest you consider the different colors and see what would suit your skin the best because I feel like this one wouldn't work on someone with a very fair skin tone. 

Lash Slick

With Glossier's aesthetic being very minimal and all about the 'no makeup makeup look', I knew their mascara wouldn't be the one to give you thick and clumpy lashes. However, I was expecting the result to be slightly more visible. It has fibers in it to give the impression of false lashes but I think you have to apply a few coats for a nice result. I need to experiment with this one more, that's for sure.

Mini Milky Jelly Cleanser

They recently came out with a mini version of my favourite product EVER! I'm so happy because it's perfect for bringing on vacation, especially since it's under 100mL, yay! I'm going to repeat myself but this cleanser leaves your skin so soft, it smells amazing and it makes you want to wash your face 100 times a day!

Body Hero Cream

Their Body Hero campaign launched last Fall was probably the one that made the biggest impression on me. I absolutely loved the message of body acceptance and taking care of your body. I knew I wanted to try the body cream before the shower oil and I was not disappointed. I know this is one of these products I will have to restock once I finish. The smell is lovely and it leaves a soft feeling on the skin.

Glossier Sweater

And finally... something I've been eyeing for a while, the Glossier sweater! Am I a true Glossier fan yet?

What is your favourite Glossier product you've tried?

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