Photo by Daphne David for LOVEthatBAG

Photo by Daphne David for LOVEthatBAG

Fashion is peculiar. Sometimes it can come so naturally, and you know exactly what your style is. It’s a pure feeling of contentment, and dressing isn’t a hard task. Other times, it can be quite challenging. You either feel like you need to get out of your comfort zone and experiment, or you are just uninspired and don’t know what direction to take in order to push forward your personal style. All of this is a cycle and I’m sure everyone experiences periods of pure discontentment with their wardrobe from time to time.

Occasionally, I have the opportunity to do a bit of styling at work. I love it because I have to put myself in our target market’s shoes and create outfits that will sell, but don’t necessarily always fit with my personal style. The photo above is an example of that (with my face, hello!), I love the principle of the outfit, but it is slightly outside of my comfort zone with shades of bold orange. I chose cuts that would be flattering, but decided to experiment with something I wouldn’t normally wear, and it turned out to be a great exercise (although I would definitely wear that dreamy cashmere camel coat). I came back home feeling so inspired to find new combinations and outfits for the rest of the week. And all of this experiment made me think of other ways to get out of a fashion rut…

1- Style an outfit for somebody else

Just like I did, think of someone or a target market that inspires your style. You might need the help of Instagram ‘saves’ to get an idea of who would work best for that task. Then, take an hour to create three outfits with the clothes you already have in your closet, or create an outfit on a Word document with pieces you see online. Using someone else as an inspiration and distancing yourself from the end goal will help to give you a dose of inspiration!

2- Give yourself a challenge

Another challenge! This time, the 10 x 10 challenge (sounds familiar? The Anna Edit made a video about it last Sunday and completely nailed it!). The principle is to create 10 different outfits with 10 pieces only. Lots of planning is required but this article is a good guide to get you started. I started planning mine but was stuck at 8 outfits so I need to re-think the items I’ve chosen and work on it again.

3- Clear out your closet

Maybe one of the reasons you don’t feel inspired is because your clothes don’t fit your personal style anymore or simply don’t fit you (and fit is everything). Before adding anything to your closet, I suggest donating the pieces you haven’t worn in the past 6 months (unless they are seasonal) and the pieces that don’t fit. Chances are, you won’t be wearing them again. 

4- Try ‘layering’

Another challenge in fashion is to experiment with layering. And winter is the best period of the year to dip your toes into it. Whether it’s wearing a turtleneck under a white shirt or a dress over jeans, this exercise will definitely push you to create something new.

By now, you might have realized that getting out of a rut needs a bit of a push on your end. But it’s when we challenge ourselves that great things happen! What are your tips for getting out of a fashion rut?

Coat: Les Copains / Top: Prada / Skirt: Carven / Bag: Gucci (all the pieces are preloved and still on sale)

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