There is a new serie of episode that I wanted to show you. No surprise to you all, it's a documentary with Alexa Chung! The serie is called "Future of Fashion" and it was created by British Vogue. In these episodes, Alexa is trying to prove wrong the cliché that fashion is only frivolous and indulgent! Each parts has its own topic, whether it is body image, trend forecasting or how to break into this industry. I found it very interesting, especially to understand that fashion is so complex and many people are working on jobs that we don't even know about! Inspiration, perseverance, and passion are all themes that are discussed. 

I also think that British Vogue made a very good decision choosing Alexa Chung as the interviewer, because she is already so anchored in this world, and her knowledge is big! She is a model, it-girl who attends a lot of fashion event, and designer of her own collection with AG Jeans (x2). Alexa is very down to earth and she does not hesitate making jokes with designers and influencers, proving that these people are just like us! Oh and I am so jealous of her voice and clothes #biggestfashionicon. Love. S.