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Friendship is a topic I think we can all relate to. Sometimes they are wonderful and you ask yourself what you did to deserve them and other times they will make you feel awful. It's something I've had a lot on my mind lately, especially after reading Dolly Alderton's book and seeing the photo my blogger pal Martine posted on Instagram. 

Over the years, I've met incredible people IRL and online, I've had "friends breakups", outgrown friendships because our realities were changing, maintained long-distance friendships, and had a lot of ups and downs with my friends. It can be challenging sometimes to find the right people that will be there for you or to stay in touch with people when life gets in the way. 

My friendships have always followed the same pattern. I've met my friends in different places so I'm never with a big group of people, it's divided into childhood friends, school friends, dance friends, blog friends, work friends etc, and I've rarely mixed these groups. My friends are almost all older than me, if only by a few months. And I've also noticed over the years that it's easier for me to have meaningful friendships with girls because with boys it's harder to draw the line of friendship or something else. I'm also in a very female-driven industry with my job, my fashion blog and my program at school (believe it or not, there are only 3 guys in my program). 

One thing I'm really happy about is that our generation is able to create friendships online with people that share the same interests. You're a fan of a certain band and want to meet other fans? Join Twitter! It's becoming easy now and I think it's great because it allows us to cross paths with people we might have never met. Don't hesitate to leave comments on people's pictures or to message people when you think you have something to share with them. 

This brings me to another thing: you don't have to have the same interests as your friends. My Swedish bestie loves skiing and I get scared every time I see a ski chairlift! I do actually think it's amazing to be different to your friends because you will all complement each other. What matters most is if you're having fun with them, if you're able to relate to them, and if you're there for them. 

It's also ok to end a friendship if you feel it's a toxic one or if you don't feel comfortable anymore. In a podcast I listened to recently, the hosts were saying that you might think a friend has wronged you, but you also probably did the same thing to another friend. And I completely agree with this statement, nobody is perfect, including myself!

And to finish on a good note: If your friend lives on the other side of the world, send them a text to know how they are doing or to wish them good luck on their exam. If your friend lives next door, bring wine and spend a night catching up. The little gestures can go a long way to develop new friendships or to maintain the ones that are important to you. Take care of your friends!