So apparently, I'm the type of gal who likes to get cozy in a sweater when it's 30 degrees outside, but hey, I can't help it! At the moment, I don't have very interesting things to report except that I've been watching non-stop the seasons of Gilmore Girls that I didn't finish last year, and I must say it's becoming a serious case of binge-watching. Other than that, my daily life has been pretty boring, so I don't have many things to talk about, unless you want me to talk about this sweater. It's actually one of the comfiest things I've tried, and I like that we can see-through a little bit. I decided to pair it with my Toms sandals so I could be at ease in the sand, and long trousers to stay in the theme of fall clothing;) Have a good day xx 

Sweater & Trousers: Josiane Perron / Sandals: Toms

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