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I’ve only realized I was a feminist once I entered Cegep (the two year period between high school and University in Quebec). But thinking about it, it’s always been engrained in the way I was brought up. One of the first memories I have about feminism is when my dad showed me a video of Beyonce singing “Irreplaceable” live, with a band of female-only musicians. He was telling me about how cool it was that she chose to have an all-girls band and how rare it was in that industry.

Having incredible women as role models also helped to shape my view of gender roles. I’ve never been told I wouldn’t be able to do something just because I was a woman. Garance Doré and Alexa Chung were both my idols as a teenager, and both of them were accomplishing amazing things in different fields. Garance Doré wrote the most popular blog at a time all the while being a talented street-style photographer and illustrator. Alexa Chung was (and still is) this multi-hyphen girlboss doing everything from fashion design, to illustrations, to hosting on tv, to dj-ing and more! Still today, I’m mainly inspired by the work of self-made women and their attitudes towards life and what they accomplish. And I’m so proud to call myself a feminist.

With University, I’m also learning about Intersectional feminism and how feminism is not just this power imbalance between men and women, that so many more people are included in this. I want to learn everyday about these issues in our world and the ways we can fix them. Recently, Scarlett Curtis curated a book called ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and Other Lies)’ combining the pieces of so many talented women writers. She also launched a podcast with the same title and the first episode featuring Saoirse Ronan was incredible. I’m looking forward to listening to the whole series.

In the meantime, I will continue to ask questions, to read and to talk about it with the people around me. It annoys me that we still have to work for equality of the sexes in 2018 and I hope there will be continuous change in the next few years…

Bag: Chanel via LOVEthatBAG / Top: Aritzia / Trousers: Mango / Belt: Chanel via Own the Couture / Shoes: Sergio Rossi via Own the Couture

feminism - 1 (1).jpg