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It's been a while since I talked about beauty on the blog! I have to say my knowledge in beauty products and beauty regimen is very limited. I'm not a very big fan of makeup but I looooove (with a capital L) skincare. I could talk about it for weeks and spend a whole day with a sheet mask on. But enough rambling, here are the new additions to my beauty cupboards...

Miu Miu, L'eau rosée

Perfumes from designer brands are either a hit or miss because they often smell the same. I was intrigued by Miu Miu L'eau rosée as I love floral scents and definitely love the musk notes! After it settled into my skin, the smell changed a lot and became even more interesting. I think this is the kind of perfume that smells different on everyone but you can still sense the presence of roses and musk. As always, the packaging is beautiful, very much in line with the feminine and playful aesthetic of the Italian brand. This scent is romantic, personal and would be amazing layered with a stronger, more androgynous smell.

I received it as a PR gift and it came in a beautiful blush nude box with lovely prints, a notepad, and a book with the explication behind the perfume and the campaign. It's all in the details that we can observe the luxurious side of the perfume!

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Lierac, Lift Integral range

Longtime readers of my blog will know I have a fond love for Lierac products. I cannot live without the Hydragenist serum, the Premium mask and the Hydagenist mist. I haven't been disappointed once by their products. The smells are incredible, the packaging is elegant and the textures are soft. Last week I was invited to discover their new range, Lift Integral, which is meant to reproduce the effects of a lifting and injections together. Obviously, the range is meant for women around 50-60 years old so I do not fall within the age range but I was still interested in discovering the products. The mahogany extract creates an act of tension similar to a facelift and an extract of purple tulip gives volume similar to injections, all with a more natural effect. 

I believe the signs of age look beautiful on a woman but also that taking care of yourself and feeling your best is crucial. The Lift Integral range will make women across the world feel beautiful and confident as they age and this is amazing! I haven't tried the range for long enough now but I will probably share it with my mom and get back to you later with the results!

The collection will be available March 1st on

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And to finish this post, here is what is on my beauty wish list...

  • Sam McKnight, Cool girl texture mist
  • Glossier, You perfume
  • Ouai, All the Ouai Up kit
  • La Mer, Crème de la mer
  • Byredo, Mojave Ghost fragrance

What's on your beauty wish list? Products you love & would recommend to me?