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As my weeks of vacation are coming to an end, I thought it would be nice to share what I have been loving on my time off. Living in London has been the biggest favourite of all, and trying to establish a life and a routine here as opposed to living like a tourist was a bit tricky (but so worth it). So on my time off as a Londoner, I have enjoyed the following;

Scandi Books & Magazines

I brought back beautiful books and magazines from Sweden and have been reading them in my London garden on sunny days. Although I can only understand a few sentences or words, they have proven to be so inspirational because of their distinct aesthetic. These magazines highlight the work of independent designers, they are not scared of experimenting with unique styling for their photoshoots and they are super colourful. The book I got is by the blog ‘Säker Stil’ which I have been following for many years, and the photos in it are simply beautiful.

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Since my short visit to Sweden last week (more about it on my Instagram highlight titled ‘Göteborg'), I have been absolutely obsessed with Fika, as if my love for it wasn’t already big enough. If you’re not familiar with Fika, it’s a concept in Swedish culture that means taking time to relax with a hot drink, a pastry and good company. In London, I would recommend Fabrique which has a few chains across the city, but my new favourite place to go to is Hjem Kensington, a little gem of a café!

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Inspired by something Lizzy posted on her blog a few months ago, I have decided to start my own scrapbook. I do it both for the idea of keeping memories of my time in London and also to clear my head. Because believe me, there is nothing to relive stress like a few hours of arts and crafts. Franzi and I spent an afternoon working on it last week and it felt like a visit to the spa. I’m so excited to see how it will look like after a few months of filling it in.

What have you been loving this week?

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