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Fall has only just started, but I feel like it’s been such a rollercoaster. It’s been a period of recharge for me and I’m very much enjoying it. Seeing the leaves change colour and the air getting crisper is magical and I’m hoping it will stay like this for a while and we don’t get snow too soon. I’ve talked about my favourite things about fall in a previous posts but so many other things have made this season pleasant so far.

Yesterday I spent an hour talking on Google Hangouts with my Swedish bestie and we discussed how there are so many good releases in terms of books. It was nice to have someone to chat about this, especially since our tastes are somewhat similar.

I’ve also spent time watching the new documentary on the Queen and the Commonwealth by ITV titled “Queen of the World”. I learned so much about what the members of the royal family do to support their community and the people part of the Commonwealth. It was just a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

And incidentally, fall has also made me get into cooking. This semester I have a nutrition class one of the assignments was to create a recipe with very strict guidelines. I made an orzo salad and the result was not only visually pleasant, it was also delicious. I bragged about it on Twitter because I was just so impressed with myself haha. I’ve also tried new recipes for when I’m home alone because my body cannot support pasta for every meal.

Finally, I’ve been able to wear my beret, and it makes me feel so French. Oh la la!

Coat: COS / Beret: Simons / Pants: Zara / Boots: Aldo

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