Bottle Of Water

Last spring, I discovered the Brk glass water bottle and I was hooked! Right now I own two of their bottles (the 250mL and the 500mL) and I literally bring these bottles everywhere. Instead of buying plastic bottles, these ones are small and convenient to carry (and refilling a bottle is easy and cheap). I like that they are made of glass because it tastes better, it's sustainable, and also aesthetically pleasing. Never go anywhere without your reusable water bottle!

UV Protection Sunglasses

Not so long ago, I realized that I do not need 20 pairs of sunglasses to be happy, and I made the choice to always carry the same pair with me. I got better quality sunglasses that can protect my eyes from the UV rays, and also be fashionable. Because don't forget to also protect your eyes in winter, the sun rays reflect very easily on snow! My pair is from the brand Komono

Small Wallet

Is there anything less convenient than a giant wallet? I don't think so! Approximately two years ago I made the plunge to use a small wallet, or a card holder (depending on the occasion). Because I don't need to have a million membership cards (you can store these in your phone), and it takes too much room in my small cross body bags. Mine is from & Other Stories. 

What are your everyday essentials?