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- It is a sunny summer day in London and the temperature is around 22 degrees Celcius... - 

7:30 am - Waking up in a cozy bed with lots of throws and pillows. Looking up a few articles online, or reading a chapter of my book while having breakfast. Ideally a croissant with smoked salmon on the side and a bowl of blueberries. 

9:00 am - Going for a walk in Hyde Park while listening to a new episode of The High Low with Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. Walking across the park to reach South Kensington and look at the pretty houses. 

10:30 am - Writing a blog post

11:15 am - Receiving flowers - The bouquet would be in pastel tones and include Roses and Anthuriums. 

Noon - Lunch at the Laslett in Notting Hill with a small group of girlfriends. Catching up, having a delicious fishcake in their beautiful decor (with an acoustic version of Sigrid's songs in the background). My friends and I would be talking about our lives, the trivial things and the most serious stuff. 

2:00 pm - Shopping at & Other Stories on Regent Street and going to Liberty to look at the Ganni section and try on the 'Mojave Ghost' scent at the Byredo counter. 

3:00 pm - Having a fika break with my Swedish bestie. Eating a typical Scandi cinnamon bun with a cup of Earl Grey tea. Talking about our past trips, our future projects and Skam!

5:00 pm - Getting ready with my friends while singing and dancing to our favourite songs. The playlist would include at least one throwback song from Taylor Swift.

6:30 pm - Having a lovely meal on a rooftop or a terrace to enjoy the last bit of sun for the day. Ideally, beef tartar as a starter with a glass of red wine. For the entrée, a pasta dish with shrimp, garlic, and parmesan with a glass of white wine. And finally, a cheese plate. 

8:30 pm - Walking by the Thames

9:30 pm - Back home and watching A Cinderella Story with my mom, saying all the lines out loud and eating Lays BBQ chips, all wrapped up in a fluffy blanket. It would start raining and we would hear the sound of the rain on the windows and roof. My sister Geneviève would come and watch the movie with us. She would ask a thousand questions about the characters and the storyline. 

11:00 pm - Skincare & bed - Washing my face with Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser, applying the serum and cream from Lierac's Hydragenist range and finishing with Glossier's Balm Dot Com in the coconut flavor on my lips. Putting on the comfiest PJs and then going to bed!

What would your dream day look like? (Of course, there are so many other great possibilities of a perfect day like for example I would also love going to the MET to see the Costume Institute exhibition, watching a Charlotte Cardin show with my dad, going for dinner at my grandparent's house and cooking with them, having a picnic in a park, wrapping Christmas presents, reading a magazine while soaking in a hot bubble bath, etc...). 

Dress: Ganni / Shoes: Superga / Necklace: Lucy Williams x Missoma

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