As you know, I love to discover new places to eat, and my favorite time of the day to try a new restaurant is lunch time! So the other day I went shopping to Boutique Vestibule on Saint Laurent and I ended up having lunch at a place called Lawrence (just a few street corners away). I was surprised with the really big selection on the menue and how fancy it was for lunch: oysters, octopus, and more! As usual, I ate a beef tartar (I must have tried all the beef tartars of the city by now). It was very delicious, I could taste the chives in the tartar and it reminded me when I was young because I used to pick chives in my backyard and eat them on the spot. My friend had a burger with fries and these fries were gigantic and really really good. I highly suggest that you go try this restaurant and I heard they have a really awesome brunch menue. 

Lawrence, 5201 Blvd St. Laurent