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I’m not quite sure how this came about but I have been thinking a lot lately about ways I can be more creative in my day to day life. This is something I’ve experienced in the past, and I guess feeling uncreative goes by period and it it completely normal. So I’ve tried to explore the areas in my life that would need a ‘creative rejig’ to make things feel fresh, new and inspiring (in other words: reset my creative mojo). Here are my ideas…

Be more creative with the clothes I already own

I’m definitely not the only one who constantly believe I have nothing to wear when I dress up in the morning. But it’s not true, I have plenty of clothes, I just need to wear them in a different way to have a feeling of novelty. A while ago, I saw this video and I thought it was a good way to go about it: by finding specific looks that you want to recreate and then figuring out the pieces in your wardrobe that could fit the bill. I’ll give this a try and who knows, I might be impressed!

Have a blog re-design

Believe it or not, my blog has had the same layout since I switched from Blogger to Squarespace almost four years ago. Of course, I’ve done a few adjustments here and there (say hello to the new banner, the Instagram preview at the bottom and the different categories in the header), but I think it’s time for something different. I have a few ideas in mind, but what I’ve been looking for might not be applicable to all the templates I like. This will be my 2019 project.

Do something good

Whether it is something to cheer up a member of your family, to help with a cause that is close to your heart or to contribute to a community project, there are so many ways to go about it when you help someone. Get your creative juices flowing to think about your next idea! I have one idea of my own that I will hopefully make happen before I move abroad. I will let you know once it is in progress!

Happy Sunday!