I reckon shopping for jeans isn’t the most enjoyable activity (just like bathing suits). However, when you find a style you love and the right size, wearing jeans is glorious. My latest obsession in terms of jeans is cream denim and all its beige/white/tan declinations. It doesn’t matter that we’re wayyyy past labour day, there’s just something about this light shade that makes me very happy. It looks good with almost everything and it is stylish. I especially love the ones with contrasting stitching, but they are hard to find, so if you do find one, grab it and enjoy wearing it!

But there is one condition, especially for lighter shades: it has to be in a thick cotton material. No one wants to see your colourful underwear through your light cream stretchy denim. Other than that, I say EXPERIMENT. Try with skirts, wide-legged culottes, dresses even. Here are some of the ways I styled light denim in the past:

Pictured above: Mango white mom jeans / Topshop tan culottes / Zara skirt

My Top Picks

  • Weekday Jeans - They have such an incredible selection of cuts and colours (and plenty of cream denim options). They are also true to size, flattering, and in a beautiful thick fabric. In Europe you can find them directly on the Weekday website, and internationally they are available on Asos. I recommend looking at the ‘Voyage’ or the ‘Seattle’ models.

  • Levi’s Wedgie - I absolutely love this Levi’s cut (despite its horrible name haha). But the best part about them is the button-up closure, which feels so vintage. Some models have a raw hem which looks great with ankle booties.

  • Topshop - Always a classic. Their jeans come in every colour, shapes and sizes. For a flattering mom jeans style, I recommend the ‘Raw hem straight leg’.

What are your favourite jeans models?

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