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I could have easily named this post ‘My Hygge Home Essentials’, but it feels like the term has been overused in marketing campaigns and somehow, it has lost its cultural meaning. Instead I’m going to stick with ‘cozy’, because it’s a bit broader and reflects the spirit of my favourite home essentials. They are things I always go back to for comfort, and they’re going to be even more useful and enjoyable this fall.

Scandi coffee table books

These serve two purposes: they’re absolutely perfect for home decoration, and such a good source of inspiration for when I’m stuck in a rut. Obviously, any coffee table book would do, but Scandi ones always promote a lifestyle that is balanced, cozy and simple. My favourites are Dress Scandinavian by Pernille Teisbaek, Copenhagen Food by Trine Hahnemann and Säker Stil 101 Stiltips by Ebba Klebberg von Sydow and Emilia de Poret, and I’ve recently found Skogluft (Forest Air) in a pile to give away and it looks amazing on my bedside table.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - This Works

I sometimes have periods of insomnia, and started using the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on my pillow before going to bed. And although now I sleep very well, I got used to the cozy scent and still use it to create a relaxing setting. It acts a bit as a room diffuser but without all the fuss. It’s definitely going to be an essential for me over the cold months.

Long candles

Long candles, just like comfy throws, create the coziest (hygge-est) atmosphere, even if you don’t light them. It’s an essential in so many Scandinavian homes and I love them for their simplicity. I just finished reading Gone Viking by Helen Russell and her book had so many reference to this home accessory, which only reinforced my love for them. They look especially good on a dining table.

Hand cream

Surprisingly, I used to hate the feeling of hand cream, but it has grown on me and now I think I hate the feeling of dry hands even more. I love the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique one as it absorbs quickly and the fragrance is divine, but I also keep the & Other Stories Perle de Coco one at my desk at the office.

What are your ‘cozy home essentials’?

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