Part 1: here

So here is part 2 of my short trip to Copenhagen. As I said in the previous post, we did very touristy things like biking, seeing all the popular sights, and then went to the Stella Polaris festival. 

Other things we did was that we visited the marble church, it was so spectacular, the music, the ceiling, and just to see all this marble in one place...a dream! Then we had a picnic in King's garden. Well,we brought pizza that we bought on a street corner, and just sat on a blanket trying not to fall asleep. We also took a walk around the botanical gardens, it was lovely! And another thing that we visited (that I did not have as much fun visiting) was Christiana. For those who don't know what it is, Freetown Christiana is a sort of hippy community of its own in a part of the town, and they have their own rules. I must admit that I was a bit scared entering in this neighbourhood, but everything went fine, it was just not a place for me. If you want to know why just google Christiana.  

After Copenhagen I just took a train back to Stockholm and spent a night at the airport, alone. It was awful but I kept fun souvenirs of that. So this is the end of my amazing reunion trip in Scandinavia. I loved both Denmark and Sweden and I hope that I can come back one day and visit more parts of these two countries and also see Finland and Norway.