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There was a time when I would think twice about what I was wearing because I used to care about what other people would think of me. But things have changed. Fashion is a powerful tool that can make you feel confident and bring out your true personality. So why would you want to hide it away? Would Iris Apfel, Linda Rodin or Anna Dello Russo be where they are today if they didn’t express their personality in their bold outfit choices? I’m not saying you need to dress with bright colours, loud prints and funky textures to be successful, but if you wear items that make you feel beautiful, then you should go for it!

The dress I’m wearing in these photos is such a statement piece but it made me feel so confident and ‘badass’ (it’s probably due to the fact that I saw a blogger wear it at Milan Fashion Week). It’s a heavy fabric with unusual proportions but I felt so comfortable both physically and mentally, because the design was just so me.

So on this Sunday morning, I’m saying: ditch other people’s opinions about your clothes because they don’t matter. If you feel good in them, walk proudly in the room and your confidence will resonate with everyone around you. Get the leopard printed skirt, the bright tangerine heels, the ruffle dress, they look spectacular on you! When it comes to fashion, the only thing that matters is your own opinion. Alternatively, you don’t have to like other people’s outfits, but it’s THEIR thing, not yours.

Dress: COS / Boots: Aldo

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