Today I wanted to tell you all about the latest book I’m reading, because it’s a book that, only halfway in, made me learn so many things. It’s ‘Comfort Zones: Women Writers Tackling Unfamiliar Grounds’, an anthology created by Jigsaw and Sonder & Tell to raise funds for Women for Women International.

28 excellent women writers have been involved in this project and their task was to write a piece that challenges their comfort zone, whether it was in form or content. The book is divided in different sections; ‘Learnings’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Works of fiction’ and ‘New ground & big ideas’. Although you probably know most of the writers, you will also discover new ones that will make you reflect and evolve.

While I’m currently very much ‘out of my comfort zone’ at the moment, this book has proven to be a balm for the soul. When I see what these women have gone through in their lives, and also the ways they have pushed themselves to write these texts, it makes me believe that I too can be successful.

And while I’m on the topic of success, I have to quote Emma Gannon’s text in the anthology; “Success literally means: to achieve a desired outcome. You get to decide what the desired outcome of your life is". It can be anything. It just needs to be yours.” (p.29).

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