You've probably heard the sentence "the magic happens outside of your comfort zone". Well, I stumbled upon an Instagram post this week that challenged this idea and I thought it was interesting. It was by the illustrator Mari Andrew and she said that you don't have to do things that scare you, especially if they aren't pleasant. She said the magic happens "not [in] the scary barfy uncomfortable places, but the nervous jittery pleasant place". And so this made me think about the different ways I would like to experiment with my comfort zone and bring changes in my daily life, even if it just a tiny little thing. 

Experiment with a new role

This week our photographer at work was on vacation, but we still needed to have photos for Instagram and other projects. I stepped up and said I would love to try and bring my camera the next day. I'm not an expert photographer but I enjoy taking photos. Above you can see the photo I took and I'm very proud of the result. The day I took the photos was a nice change of routine from my other work days so it was totally worth it! I think other ways to take on a new role would be to organize a dinner party with your friend and be the one in charge or if you're in a sports team to try a new position. 

Ask someone on a friend date

For some people, this could be going to a café on your own if you're used to being more sociable. Other introverts like me will find it more challenging, but still enjoyable, to ask someone on a friend date to get to know them. I'm not talking about a total stranger, it can be to have a drink after work with your colleagues, to invite an acquaintance to have lunch with you or ask a friend to introduce you to his/her friends.

Choose a different route

This one can seem simple: change your route on your daily commute. It can be to get off the metro one stop earlier to walk more, take the train instead of the bus, or to walk all the way to where you need to be. I think changing your daily habits is the best way to experiment with novelty. Who knows, you might discover a cute coffee shop along the way or just walk more steps in your day.

What do you do to experiment with your comfort zone?