You know me, I love to take care of my clothes and stay informed about the new ‘cool tools’ when it comes to laundry and storing (on that note, I just bought myself a steamer to replace the traditional iron and hopefully save time in my daily routine, but more on that in another post). One tool that I was curious to try after hearing so much about it online was Steamery’s Pilo Fabric shaver. And believe me, it is no traditional lint remover. It has a unique design (very Scandi, I can tell it has Swedish roots) that is easy to use and to store. It is super gentle on the clothes, easy to manoeuvre and it charges via USB. Before splurging on it (it is 40 pounds, so not cheap), I wanted to have an idea of how good it was, so I asked Franzi if I could borrow hers. I am convinced it is the best tool for the cold season because it restores your knits within a few seconds, it is absolutely magical! I’m going to add it to my Christmas wish list, and I’m also hoping I get to try other products from the brand (the steamer) because I’m a sucker for their sleek design and if everything else they do is as good as this, I will be very happy. The hype is real.

What is your secret for caring for your clothes?