Moving abroad has brought lots of positives into my life, but it has also changed the way I do things on a regular basis. I’m talking here about daily habits ; from time management to transportation and even personal grooming. To give you an overview of the past few weeks, I have had 7 weeks of vacation with absolutely no schedule whatsoever, and am now working full-time from 9:30 to 6:00 (beginning last Monday). I don’t think time has been the only factor to these changes, living on my own has definitely played a role in this. So here are the things I have noticed;

  • I now shower in the morning, but have showered in the evening my whole life before

  • I walk everywhere instead of taking the car (although I do use the bus and tube regularly)

  • I socialize more and hang out with friends a few times a week (while at home I would spend lots of time on my own). I think proximity helps with this factor, but also now that my family is far, my friends act as my ‘London family’.

  • I stay up later than I used to (but I don’t wake up later as a result)… less sleep!

I don’t think any of these transformations are negative, but it is interesting to notice them and maybe question where they are coming from. I am embracing them, because that is how life should be, full of unexpected changes (and challenges).

Have you noticed any changes of habits in your life recently?

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