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When the gloominess of winter strikes, there’s nothing like a pampering session to make me feel like myself again. Bring out the face masks and the serums, my face needs some tender loving care! I’ve added a few new products from Caudalie’s Vinoperfect line to my routine and thought I’d share my takes on them here. I’ve been using the trio of products for a week now and have started to see some improvements in the texture of my skin. The products contain glycolic acid and I must say, I was a bit worried at the beginning, but the products have been formulated for sensitive skin so I haven’t felt any irritation.

Concentrated Brightening Essence

This is the ultimate luxury skincare product! I use it as a toner after I’ve cleansed my face and love the fresh but not tight feeling it leaves on the skin. It’s lightweight and I feel like it doesn’t leave a residue on my skin like other toners have done in the past.

Radiance Serum Complexion Enhancing

The second step is the serum! This one is meant to even out the skin tone remove dark spots. It’s super easy to apply so you can really massage it in and enjoy the process of it. It absorbs quickly and there isn’t a sticky feeling.

Brightening Glycolic Night Cream

And now on to the final step, the holy grail of night creams! It has a thick consistency and leaves a feeling of hydration that lasts until the morning. It reminds me of the Nuxe Crème fraiche for its texture and smell. The glycolic acid in the product helps to exfoliate your skin and leaves it smooth and glowy. It’s a product I absolutely adore and now an essential for me this winter.

What’s your ultimate winter skincare product?

* Products were gifted but all opinions are my own

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