Finally, it's Friday! I've been stuck in a rut this week and was lacking ideas for my next blog post. I used to only post on here when I felt inspired but since the beginning of the year, I've given myself the challenge to post 3 times a week. It's a hard one but looking back at the content I've been posting recently, I'm proud of myself! So I decided that today's post would be more laid back and chatty. Isn't that what blogs used to be all about? More like an online diary rather than a magazine with tips and tricks or researched blog posts. 

Also, I realized this week that it's very hard to find time to do everything: social life, work, school, fitness and self-care time. What happens usually is that I make self-care my priority and neglect other important aspects. I keep wondering how everyone else is finding a balance between it all, and if you have tips on that please let me know! 

One of the reasons I'm saying this is because I haven't found much time to read this week and it's usually such a big part of my daily routine. Believe me, the pile of books to read on my nightstand is way too big right now. However, I started a series of young adult books about love (actually I skipped the first book but the second was amazing and I'm starting the third one now)! It's set in Montreal and the writing is very casual yet super fun to read. I haven't read French books in forever so it's nice to go back to it. The books are by the author Sarah-Maude Beauchesne and the covers are beautiful.

How was your week and what are you reading at the moment?