March was busy and I needed an escapism more than ever, which thankfully I found it in books. SO many books! I’ve read Adam Kay’s ‘This is Going to Hurt’, Celeste NG’ ‘Everything I Never Told You’, Curtis Sittenfeld’s ‘Atomic Marriage’ and Jami Attenberg’s ‘All Grown Up’. But today, I’m talking you through three new releases I’ve read this month written by some of my favourite women authors…

The Sisterhood - Daisy Buchanan

This book is the most beautiful depiction of what it’s like to have sisters and the broader concept of sisterhood. Daisy is a talented and witty writer and this will make you feel everything! I absolutely adored the way she compared reality with some of her favourite fiction pieces (her family is like the Benetts and the Marches’). She talks about a range of topics from womanhood to jealousy, puberty, religion, growing up, and so much more and in-between chapters you will find sections describing what she loves most about each of her sisters to a list of the best books on sisterhood.

The Authentic Lie - Pandora Sykes (Not pictured)

Once again, I was happy to support the new project by the crowdfunding publisher, The Pound Project. I’m not sure this book is still available for purchase (although they’ve restocked the previous project so who knows), but it is definitely one to read! Pandora is a complete master of the English language and with her fancy words she explains one of the most problematic concepts in pop culture: Authenticity. All her references were on point and it made me question the way I am online.

I Owe You One - Sophie Kinsella

Finally, I have read Sophie Kinsella’s latest release ‘I Owe You One’. It is the story of Fixie who always ‘fixes’ everything for everyone around her, but it is never reciprocated. One day she saves a man’s laptop from a flood in a cafe and he gives her an "I Owe You One” coupon redeemable whenever. What follows is a series of misadventures that will make her question her convictions. In the first half of the book I was really frustrated with Fixie and her relationships and couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t stand up for herself. I thought the resolution was a bit simple but it was also very adorable! I would recommend if you’re looking for a light read that will distract you from your daily life. Sophie Kinsella is a master of chick lit and once again she proved it with this novel!

What is the best book you have read this month?