I’ve always been an avid reader of blogs and magazines, in fact, that’s what got me started on here. I remember at the beginning, people were talking about how blogs were a possible threat to magazines. But to me, these two mediums have always been complementary. One gets updated more often and the other one is simply more glossy. Over the years, the list of blogs I visit on the daily has changed a lot. I remember doing ‘blogroll’ posts and talking about The Blonde Salad, Le Blog de Betty or Garance Doré. So today I wanted to share with you my updated blogroll that also features the magazines I always read (I simply cannot miss a post from any of these haha). Of course that’s not the full list, but you get the idea. You can also follow me on Bloglovin’ to see the blog posts I love on the daily, and get updates when I post new ones here.


The Anna Edit

If I had to select a blogger to be friends with, Anna would be the one. Her blog posts are about organization, capsule wardrobes, life, and so much more. I love her because she is so unique; she has a minimal aesthetic with touches of leopard print sprinkled around. I find her blog posts are the perfect complement to her YouTube videos and they are the ultimate inspiration for getting your sh** together.

Shot From the Street

Lizzy’s blog feels like a moodboard for both fashion and travel. I love her focus on film photography and also images of her daily life in London. Her style is so true to herself and she often explains her thought-process for selecting an item or pairing pieces together. Definitely one to check if you want to figure out your style and find cool pieces for your closet.

The Twenties Club

This has to be one of the best discoveries of 2018. The Twenties Club is the ultimate destination for women in their twenties who are curious about the world, people, politics, fashion and careers. Madeleine’s articles are extremely well written and researched. She has a recipe for different kinds of articles and I especially adore her ‘Twenty Question’ series in which she interviews ‘regular’ young women in their twenties.

Ropes of Holland

Not only does she seem to be the friendliest person, Lindsey is also one of the most stylish bloggers on the Internet. In a similar vibe to Shot From the Street (they are best friends after all), she shares a lot of film photography and insights into her travels. Her attention to detail and love for jewelry get me every time.

Damsel in Dior

Talk about a devoted blogger! Jacey is a master when it comes to posting frequently but still offering quality content to consume. She regularly shares her outfits, which are the perfect balance between designer and affordable. Her blog also features the best interior pictures from her home in Los Angeles.

Brittany Bathgate

Brittany is the queen of minimalism. I love to look at her mirror outfit pictures on Instagram, but her blog is a more polished version of that. She takes such good care of her clothes and always chooses the best pieces; privileging ones with perfect tailoring and quality fabrics.

Into the Gloss

I have to say I am completely obsessed with ‘The Top Shelf’, their series where they discover people’s beauty cabinets and interview them about their beauty routine. This blog was founded by Emily Weiss, who’s also the founder of Glossier, so they often share updates or surveys about the brand. It’s a fabulous blog for beauty lovers.



I’ve had a subscription to this magazine for over two years now and I am still extremely excited every time I get a copy. Porter’s mission is to celebrate incredible women and they really achieve that in their content. They also feature the best pieces of clothing, which is a natural thing considering their link with Net-à-Porter. This publication is perfect for all ages.

The Gentlewoman

Another magazine that absolutely celebrates incredible women is The Gentlewoman. Each issue is focused around a successful women, her achievements and her struggles. My personal favourites have been the ones featuring Sofia Coppola and the Phoebe Philo.


When I want to look at stunning travel photography or discover new tips for traveling, I turn to my old issues of Suitcase magazine. It almost feels like a book because of the quality of the paper and the editorials. They release a new issue every few months that focuses on different cities or regions across the world. The best travel publications if you want something to read something with a lifestyle/fashion lens.

What are your favourite blogs and magazines to read?

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