A skincare routine wouldn't be complete without serums! And don't forget to add moisturizer after applying your serum to lock it in your skin. 

The Ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Probably the most budget-friendly option for sensitive or dry skin. Hyaluronic acid is the trendy ingredient of the moment, but it's because it actually works! After applying this serum, my skin feels hydrated, plumped and glowy. The formula is a little bit sticky but it is not such a big deal since the results are showing and answer my needs. Use it before going to bed as this is when skin regenerates!

Kiehl's - Apothecary Preparations

A very special serum tailored to your needs! I was recently invited to the Kiehl's boutique downtown to make my own serum with the help of a skin expert. We looked at my skin and my principal concerns and prepared this serum. Because I already have the serums I need for hydration, this one serves as an exfoliator and ameliorates texture and pores. You can make your own serum in selected Kiehl's stores and just like me you will select two skin concerns and build your own serum. I love to customize beauty products!

Lierac - Hydragenist Moisturizing Serum

Definitely a favourite for the past year and a half. I love it mostly because of the amazing rose smell and the gel consistency. But it's also amazing for when I feel like I need a boost of hydration or for when I feel like my skin is dull. Honestly one of my most loved and most used skincare products. 

What serums do you use?