Beautiful and simple packaging is like fake cupcakes for display... you'll want to try it no matter the product. Fortunately this time, I was lucky that it was not only packaging, and that it was actual good stuff. I'm talking here about Beautycounter's skincare and beauty products that just launched to Canada. I've tried their shampoo, exfoliator, and body wash (but in the old packaging, see last image for new visuals). 

First of all, it smells like lemon pie, how incredible is that? They call it "Citrus Mimosa", and already, this is something that not many brands are doing.  The brand also uses healthy and safe ingredients to avoid any problems with the skin. They restricted ingredients that were linked to health impacts such as cancer and hormone disruption. 

The products were great, I loved how efficient it was to use them, and I've been using them in my shower ritual ever since I've got them. The brand is available in Canada starting today, get your hands on these products! Love. S. 

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