A few months ago, I discovered Beautycounter's bath and body range. Today, I'm reviewing their makeup Colour Collection that will be available in Canada starting May 16. This LA-based makeup brand uses safe ingredients that are environmentally responsible. Their packaging feels luxurious, which represents well the quality of the products. I've fell in love with this brand, and I cannot wait to discover what the future holds for them.

Colour Pinch Cream Blusher, Shade Hibiscus: It was the first time that I tried a cream blush. Very impressed. I must say that I love to apply a powder blush with a brush, I just find it fun, but this one was also good too. At first, I found that it was hard to blend it evenly on both sides, but if your skin is well hydrated, it's a lot easier. The color is very refreshing. I'm sure that this is a product that I'll wear a lot during the warm weather. 

Colour Shade Eyeshadow Duo, Shade Peach/Bronze: I am usually not an eyeshadow fan, but these are revolutionary for me. They are like a neutral shade, but better. I'm really into pink, corals and peach at the moment, so the Peach side of the duo was my favorite. It makes a really nice base, and it is easy to blend. The Bronze shade is like a shimmery copper tone, and it is beautiful. These two colours together are going to look amazing at this time of the year.

Colour Outline Eye Pencil, Shade Brown: When I want to achieve a softer look, a brown eye pencil is always good. This one applies very nicely, it makes a silky smooth line, and the tip is also very fine. When I took my makeup off, it went off without too much effort. 

Lip Sheer, Shade Coral: This lipstick is really easy to apply, and the color is vibrant, which I love. When I first applied it, I thought that it had a shimmery effect, but after a few seconds of setting in, it has the most beautiful finish. It sits amazingly on the lips, and it feels like lip balm since it's very hydrating. The color is a very nice nude color for this time of the year as there are light orange tones in it. Definitely a shade that I will wear a lot this summer. 

Other products from their range that I would love to try and suggest you also do so: Charcoal Cleansing bar, Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen, Colour Define Brow Pencil. Love. S.