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Lately,  I've been thinking about ways to update my spring summer wardrobe. My resolution is to wear more prints and patterns, as well as midi length dresses. Last year it was all about pleats and color, but I felt like I wanted something a bit more different now. Most of the style inspiration I saved on my phone incorporated some kind of prints, so I feel like this Banana Republic dress is perfect for what I wanted! I also love that it's a bold dress but it's still navy, the best color. My next challenge will be to start mixing prints, but I will get on to that when I have a bit more experience with prints. 

I've paired the dress with a simple pair of bow flats and my precious Celine Box bag. If it was warmer outside, I would switch the bag for my woven wood basket and wear fun sunglasses!

What's your Spring/Summer style resolution?

Dress: Banana Republic / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Celine

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summerdress - 1.jpg