Recently, my Instagram feed was flooded with pictures of truly amazing bags, two in particular. The first one, the Chloé Faye bag in brown suede. A divine combination of leather and suede with a statement piece of metal hardware, the shape is so simple, it's the elements that truly makes it special. When I talk about this bag, I feel as if I was a gourmet critique talking about his favorite dish. The only problem is I think it's sold out everywhere, and in almost every color possible. And to be completely honest, I don't think my parents would allow me to spend that much on a bag while I am still studying, but oh well, I can still look at it. The second bag is not only one bag, it's the entire collection of Mansur Gavriel's, especially all the bags in the pink peony color. The bucket bag and its little pouch looks like they are made of the nicest leather, so soft and yet so rigid. I love the simplicity of it, which is why you can allow yourself to have it pink or another bright color. My dad would laugh while reading this last sentence because he always makes fun of the fact that my wardrobe has no color and that I always dress monochrome.

 Like the previous bag, I think all Mansur Gavriel's online shop is sold out, so I guess a lot of people and I share the same taste.