Picture from my Instagram:  @sandrinev

Picture from my Instagram: @sandrinev

Anxiety and stress are not subjects that I have covered much on this blog, but let me tell you that I'm very well accustomed to them. I often feel anxious for different reasons, but fortunately, I found a few easy ways to manage it;

1) Sit Back And Read

Whether it's a magazine, a blog, or a book; reading something makes me feel good instantly! I learn something new almost all the time (which is great), and if not, it's just a great time for me to relax. I've been enjoying reading about travel, fashion, and culture. If you are looking for something to read, my favourite magazines with great articles are PORTER and Suitcase

Ps: With a bowl of freshly picked blueberries, I call that 'Total BLISS'. 

2) Move

Sport isn't exactly my favourite thing. When I was younger, I used to go to dance class, swimming practices, tennis lessons, and later, aerobics class. But then I stopped. Moving is actually a great way to feel good physically and mentally, so I've been trying to incorporate more time for it (slowly) in my routine. I don't want to feel forced to do it, so I'm trying to choose activities that I know I will like. Recently, I was on the lookout for ballet classes. While doing research, I discovered 'Barre' classes; which is a mix between ballet and bodyweight training. So I should be starting 'Barre' this Fall. In the meantime, I've been loving two apps to train at home: Nike Training Club and Yoga Studio, and I alternate between the two.

3) Distract Yourself

One thing that makes me more than anxious is when people are late, when I think I'm late (even if it never happens), and when I have to use public transport and people are making me late. With time, I've learned that the only way to avoid being stressed for these situations is to distract myself. At the moment, I'm loving listening to podcasts, because I feel like it's a great use of my time (discover my favourite podcasts here). And otherwise, I'm either passing time looking through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or editing pictures on Snapseed.