Would you believe me if I said there was a time in my life (5th grade to be more precise) where the only thing that would matter to me was my collection of art supplies? I can't say I was very good at it but my two best friends were super talented, so it made me feel like I had some kind of talent too haha. I would do anything from drawing outfits as if I was a clothing designer, creating dream house plans, scrapbooking, painting on small canvas, etc! 

And I've realized that I miss this period in my life! Now looking back at all my old creations (yes, because I kept them), it makes me so nostalgic! Which is why, right before Christmas, I asked my childhood friend to come with me to a ceramic café! Above you will see one of my creations: A pot to store my makeup removing pads, inspired by the luxurious skincare brand La Mer. I think it's a nice addition to my beauty corner. I also felt artistic for a short moment!

More than that, it gave me the desire to try to "express my creativity" a bit more on a weekly basis with different art mediums. Not only is it super calming, it's also satisfying when you create something you love. My next step would be to attend a pottery class, a calligraphy or a floral arrangement class. 

How do you express your creativity?