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Contrary to popular opinions, I do enjoy the rain. Especially if it means the arrival of spring and seeing flowers everywhere, just like the saying 'April showers, bring May flowers". It also means the change in season is finally happening, which I associate with a feeling of coziness, but different from the one in autumn. If you are not one to like the rain (even when you hear the comforting sound of the rain falling on the roof?), here are some of my "rain essentials" to make you feel good until the sun comes back. Hopefully, we'll only need them for a short while before it's time to take out our sunglasses & sandals!

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Cozy Tea

Drinking tea is not only great for your health, it's also very comforting. I love to start my morning slowly with a tea or prepare tea in the afternoon while reading or watching a movie. I've been loving the "Creamy Earl Grey" from the Lot 35 sold at the Fairmont Hotels which basically combines Earl Grey with cornflower petals, it is the perfect match! And drinking tea while looking at the rain just seems like such a lovely scene!

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As much as I love the rain, there's something magical about staying in and watching the rain as opposed to walking in the rain (although this can be fun on a hot summer day). And because I'm trying to read as many books as I can this year, and beating last year's record (46 books), rainy days are perfect for that! Do you have any recommendations?

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Wellies & A Fresh New Pair of Sneakers

I have recently received the pair of rain boots in the first photo and the pair above from the brand Cougar. The first pair is waterproof, which is amazing: because walking in soaking wet shoes is just the most uncomfortable thing in the world! The second pair is super lightweight and comfortable. I will show you how I style them in a coming blog post but I just love their neutral/earth tones and think they are perfect to survive grey spring days. It looks amazing with white denim or even paired with bright colors like a bright yellow raincoat or red lipstick.

Rain boots / Sneakers

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And what better way to brighten your day than being surrounded by flowers? It brings life into a room and it smells lovely. I'm incredibly jealous of people in London visiting the Columbia Flower Market, it looks like the most amazing place! These orchids were a gift from my brother to my mom but I couldn't help but steal them for a few minutes to snap pictures!

What are your spring essentials?