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Today’s post is slightly different from what I usually post and it was inspired by a song on Lily Allen’s new album, ‘Apples’, which I’ve been playing on repeat. I guess it resonated with me as someone who’s graduating in a few months and “officially” becoming an adult. With my move to London in the spring, I am going in a way that couldn’t be more different from my parents’ early adulthood. I will be focusing on my career and independence rather than looking to establish a family and a home (for now). So here the song goes…

One year in you gave me a set of keys
Two years and you bended down on one knee
Three years and we're living out in the country
Four years and you've given me my beautiful babies
But it was all too much for me
Now I'm exactly where I didn't want to be
I'm just like my mummy and daddy

(** I know in the song Lily is talking about the fact that just like her parents, she failed at having the perfect life because she wasn’t able to cope with all of it. However I’m interpreting the lyrics in a slightly different way*)

I’m not saying this isn’t something I want down the line, but I think my thirties will be better for that. There’s a saying that goes something around the lines of: you’ll marry someone like your dad and become like your mother. But I don’t want that (as much as I love them). I want to have the time to form my own experiences, at one point live the life of DINK (dual income no kids), and then settle down. But I still have a decade to figure it out and I want to learn as much as I can, meet as many people as I can and forge a path that is different from the one that’s been taught to me all my life.

A few things that I think have been great to “guide” me in the life I want have been podcasts, blogs, and books. The ones I would recommend in terms of “becoming” an adult are the blog The Twenties Club, the podcast Let’s Discuss, and Daisy Buchanan’s book How to Be a Grown Up.

And I wanted to end by saying I hope my last two posts haven’t been ‘too deep’ but it’s been nice to have some of your feedback and I’ll try to do more of these posts in between fashion & books.

How do you see your life unfold compared to your parents’ one?