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The Summer Reading Pile

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The Summer Reading Pile

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Ok maybe not for the whole summer… At the pace that I’m reading now, I’ll probably be done with these books by the end of June. There’s something quite comforting yet stressful when having a large ‘to read pile’ next to your bed. On one hand, I know I have amazing reading material waiting for me. On the other, it’s somewhat stressful because I feel rushed to go through all of them quickly so I get read even more books. You get the idea haha… But here I am with the ultimate summer reading list to get you inspired this summer!

A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara

Many many many people have talked about this book and how emotional it made them feel. Perhaps the most striking review was the one posted by The Twenties Club. I’m going to have to wait to read this one because I think since it’s quite dramatic, I need to be in the right mood for it.

Atonement, Ian McEwan

When Pandora Sykes was asked about her favourite book by The Pound Project, she replied “Tough call. But I would say that Atonement made the most intense impression on me.” And this is why I picked it up when I saw it at the Oxfam bookshop.

The Mars Room, Rachel Kushner

I’ve seen this book many times on Instagram, and one of the reasons I wanted to read it was because it was shortlisted for the 2018 Man Booker Prize Award. Once again, this is a thrifted find!

One Day, David Nicholls

Another Pandora Sykes recommendation (sorry!) from her essay in the Comfort Zones anthology about the books she would want her daughter to read. I’ve seen the film a few years ago but I’m looking forward to reading it. Yesterday I also listened to David Nicholls’s interview on the How to Fail Podcast and his personal story was very compelling.

Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, Craig Brown

This book is quite special because it combines facts with fiction about my favourite British royal: Princess Margaret. I have heard Craig Brown being interviewed about it in the Royally Obsessed podcast and it seemed like such a fun book to dip in and out of.

How to be Loved, Eva Hagberg Fisher

I brought this book to London with me and I have to be honest but I first noticed it because of its amazing cover! It’s a story about illness, friendship and so much more. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

What Red Was, Rosie Price

I just started this fantastic story by Rosie Prince after attending a panel with her last Wednesday. It’s her debut novel and she has received so much praise for it, notably because it discusses difficult themes like sexual assault. So far I am absolutely loving her tone of voice.

The Lido, Libby Page

Ending on a lighter note with another book about friendship, but this time an intergenerational friendship between two women swimming at the same Lido. Libby Page’s interview on the Let’s Discuss podcast will make you want to read it!

And the book I’ve just finished reading: ‘How To Fail’ by Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day is a force to be reckoned with. This is a heart-wrenching yet comforting novel about failing in different areas of your life. It is inspired by the journalist’s own failures from IVF, to a divorce, career failures, anger, etc. I’ve had the chance to see Elizabeth speak last week for a live version of her podcast with Zawe Ashton and she is one impressive woman (and so is Zawe)!

What are you planning to read this summer?

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The Book That Made Me Love Short Stories


The Book That Made Me Love Short Stories

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I’ve tried a few times to read short stories books, but they were never really my thing. Mainly because I find them challenging. It’s hard for me to get into a story and then see it end a few pages later, and even harder to switch from one story to the next so quickly. But I so desperately wanted to read Curtis Sittenfeld’s ' You Think It I’ll Say It collection. It’s about love, social class and relationships. Every single story got me captivated (and to make sure I wouldn’t mix the stories, I decided to read only one at a time).

My favourite story was ‘Bad Latch’ about a soon-to-be-mom taking prenatal classes and feeling overwhelmed and intimidated with the other perfect mothers, and one in particular. The moral of the story is that we can make friendships in the most unusual places and perfection often hides a much bigger problem.

It’s a lovely book for people who find it hard to commit to longer stories or for anyone who loves contemporary woman fiction. There is a story for everyone in there!

Do you have any short stories book to recommend?


5 Books I Want to Read in 2019


5 Books I Want to Read in 2019

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 9.21.21 AM.png

This year in books was fantastic, I don’t think I could have hoped for something better. Not only were some amazing books released this year, but I also managed to complete my challenge of reading 52 in 52 weeks (even before the 52 weeks mark). Where it got difficult was finishing the ones I did not enjoy that much, just because I wanted complete my challenge. That’s why in 2019, I just want to read for the pleasure of reading, if I don’t like a book, I can stop wasting my time and pick up something else. Here are some of the books I’m looking forward to reading in the next year…

How To Fail - Elizabeth Day

I discovered Elizabeth Day this year through her podcast ‘How To Fail’ in which she interviews successful people about their failures and how their failures impacted their lives. I’ve also read her novel ‘The Party’ which was incredibly captivating. This is why I was more than happy when she announced that she was releasing a book with the same theme as the podcast sometimes in spring 2019. Definitely on my reading list!

The Sisterhood - Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan is one of those people on the Internet I just admire. I devoured her previous book ‘How to Be a Grown Up’ and now I’m completely obsessed with her new podcast “You’re Booked”. This book is an account of her relationship with her five sisters (the good and the bad), and I can definitely relate having 2 sisters myself.

An Edited Life - Anna Newton

Anna has to be my favourite YouTuber and blogger, she is relatable and also the nicest (I had the chance to meet her when I was in London). I feel like we could be friends in real life because we love the same things: fashion, books and organization. This year she is releasing a book all about organizing your life, your home and your work. I simply CANNOT wait. It is perfect for my type A personality and I’m also sure it will be a stunning book to look at.

Delight - J.B. Priestley

This was recommended by Dolly Alderton. It was released after WWII as an attempt to cheer people up by pointing out life’s simple pleasures. I think it is so important to consider the little things in life, so I’m sure this book will be a good one for reading in my blanket with a nice cup of tea in the cold winter months.

Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld

I’ve heard a lot about Curtis Sittenfeld this year and I think the topics she explores in her novels are right up my street: coming of age stories, prestigious schools, social class, etc. This was another High Low recommendation and I think it will be a page turner!

What books are you looking forward to reading in 2019? Are you giving yourself a reading challenge for the coming year?