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Happy Friday you lot! It’s been a while since I’ve shared my recent reads on here, so I though I would do it today. If you’re looking for more reading recommendations, my book posts are here, but I also update my reading list live on Goodreads.

Lie With Me - Philippe Besson

I’ve been kindly gifted this copy by the editor and I’m so happy about it because it was such a poetic book. If you’ve loved Call Me By Your Name, you will devour this, except this time, instead of being set in Italy, it’s in France (it was originally a French novel). It’s a love story between two teenage boys and it deals with secrets, social classes, and shame. The author follows what happened when they were young, and how they’ve dealt with it in the following years of their lives. It’s sad but it is truly beautiful, and it is a book you can pick up and read in one weekend as the pace is quite fast. There’s a good reason it’s been a bestseller before being translated, and I can assure you it’s one you will want to pick up this fall.

Sisterland - Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld is one of my favourite writers, Prep and American Wife are two of the most intriguing and well written novels I’ve read, so I made it a mission to read the rest of her work. Unfortunately, Sisterland wasn’t my favourite book of hers (although not bad, I won’t spoil it, but the ending is very surprising). It’s about twin sisters who couldn’t be more different, except that both of them have ESP (aka a sixth sense). One day, one of them predicts there will be a huge earthquake in the town where they live. It causes major panic in the area, but also changes in the relationships around them.

Gone Viking - Helen Russel

Helen Russel is the author of The Year of Living Danishly, a memoir detailing her first year in Denmark when she moved there for her husband’s job, and it’s one I really enjoyed. When I learned that she wrote a fiction book based on her love for Scandinavia, I knew I would have to read it, so here it is: Gone Viking. It’s a chick lit, but very different from the ones I’ve read in the past, as it focuses more on nature and sister relationships rather than love and career. The premise is that two sisters who are not super close to each other end up in this viking retreat in the middle of rural Denmark, and let me tell you, it is funny!

Mother Sister Husband and Dog - Delia Ephron

Finally, my most recent read by Nora Ephron’s sister, Delia. Oh god I LOVED this. It’s so similar to her sister’s essay collections. She talks about everything in such an honest, touching and humorous way. She retells the experiences of writing movies with Nora like You’ve Got Mail (but fun fact, she also wrote the scripts for Bewitched and The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants!!). It’s hard to describe the essence of the Ephron sisters, but I cannot recommend their work enough, they are loveable, and human, and passionate about their work.

What have you been reading recently? I’m currently reading A Little Life!