Hello, long time no see! I took a little break from blogging to recharge, reset and come back on here with fresh ideas. My mind has been all over the place lately because I don’t feel grounded. It’s a feeling that I experience almost every August, and I’ve always associated it with the ‘back to school’ period. It’s a time for new beginnings, established routines and renewed motivation. And I know what you’re going to say… “it’s only August, summer vacations are not over”, but it’s like saying you shouldn’t start your new year resolutions before the new year. So here are my focus points for this trans-seasonal reset.

“There are reasons why we form habits, our comfort zones are happy places” - British Vogue September Issue

1.       Find a new place to live and make it feel like home

I need a new environment that feels permanent and where I can feel 100% myself. I will know today about an awesome place I’ve visited over the weekend, and I’m trying to stay optimistic about it, but I also do not want to get my hopes up too much. If this doesn’t go as planned, I will just have to spend more time focusing on this point until I find the perfect flat. It’s an exhausting process but a necessary one.

2.       Build a routine

At the moment, I have absolutely no routine, and I think it’s really playing with my head. I wake up and go to bed at different hours, I don’t plan meals (which means I eat anything at any hour), I’ve stopped going to the pool and I don’t schedule blog posts. If I can set in place a few rules for sleeping times, meals, exercise, and blogging, I think I will feel much more balanced.

3.       Inspiration and motivation

This is a constant struggle, I either feel super inspired and motivated or the opposite. To make sure this is a bit more balanced, I will keep a notebook of ideas and maybe get into journaling to process my thoughts better. A recent post on the Twenties Club was about how boredom is the best way to find new ideas, so I think writing down more things is a step in the right direction (especially when I have nothing to do and am not motivated).

4.       Maintaining good relationships

This is especially important because of the geographical distance I have with my family and friends in Canada. Not only do I need to stay in touch with them, I also have to maintain a good circle of people here. Over the summer people are traveling and others are busier, so it can be quite challenging. I was lucky to have my best friend in the UK this summer, but she is leaving soon, and it will definitely be hard. I’m also trying to get involved into activities, so I can get different social circles (so far I’ve joined the social committee at work, a drawing class, and a book club).

Other things I want to do:

  • Bake

  • Go for long walks

  • Write down my goals

  • Read magazines

What are your focuses for this trans-seasonal reset?

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