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I’ve been an advocate of online shopping for many years. Firstly because there was nothing I hated most than malls (and annoying salespeople), but also because I’ve been working in e-commerce for a few years now and it is convenient. But online shopping can be tricky, and it can be dangerous for your wallet since the shops are LITERALLY open 24/7. So here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to make sure your experience is stress free, pleasant and quote on quote worth it.

Size is everything

Lots of people who don’t shop online admit it’s because of sizing. But here my friends, is when the most useful tool comes in; the measuring tape. Knowing your measurements is the best way to avoid errors. I always follow the sizing charts offered by online stores, and have made very little mistakes. If you tend to always order from the same brands, you will come to know your size pretty quickly. Always know which ‘country size’ a brand uses, and in doubt, follow the chart below.

*And on another note, ALWAYS order your correct size. If you see an item on sale that would be a size too big but you’re tempted because of the price, just leave it. Clothes that don’t fit is probably the worst fashion mistake.

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Keep a wish list

Most websites allow you to create a wish list with all your desired items, so you can keep track of what you want, ultimately think about it, and know when it goes on sale or when the quantities are limited. It’s such a useful way to think about your needs and desires as well as avoiding impulse purchases. I also keep a folder with tabs of everything I want from different stores and clear it up from time to time. But don’t think it means that you need to get everything on there, use it as a curated ‘shop’ made just for you.

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Use customer service

Although online shopping can feel intimidating because you aren’t dealing ‘directly’ with humans, know that behind every store there IS a team dedicated to help you. Whether you’re having problem deciding, have questions about certain products or shipping, the shops will do everything they can to resolve something. Working for both a small and a big online shop has been eye opening because the two companies took the same care and time to reply to their customers and ensure they had the best experience. Finally, never hesitate to return items you are not happy and leave feedback, because that is the only way companies can improve.

What are your tips for online shopping?

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