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What I’ve been loving from food to videos and podcasts

Happy Sunday! Today I am back with a list of favourites ranging from home to caring for clothes, love, food and much more. 

Jacey Duprie’s beautiful home on Architectural Digest

I think Jacey Duprie’s (Damsel in Dior) LA home pretty much sums up my dream home and I will forever be adding pictures of it to my Pinterest boards. Fun fact, Martha Mullholland who designed The Apartment by The Line LA was the interior decorator associated with this project. I am in LOVE.

The Hoxton (and their truffle fries)

Franzi introduced me to the Hoxton (both the one in Shoreditch and the one in Holborn) and it is my favourite place to hang out. It is so cozy and welcoming; you can come here to work in their comfortable couches, catch up with friends or have drinks because it turns into a very trendy place at night. The Holborn location has amazing truffle fries on its menu and it keeps me coming again and again. I’ve probably been here 8 times by now since moving to London (and I am currently writing this post at the Hoxton).

Brittany Bathgate’s Clothing care video

You already know my love for Brittany and her minimalist style. In the past I have also talked about how impressed I was with way she cares for her pieces, but basically, she is the queen of crisp clothes and impeccable fashion. Her video is full of tips to help you extend the life of your clothes, her go-to products and many more tips from storing to washing.

Love etc. podcast

Finally a new podcast! I feel like I’ve been listening to the same ones all the time, so I was excited to discover this one presented by Bumble Australia. The two hosts have the best accent (!!) and they discuss everything from identity to relationships and broken hearts. It is such a fun podcast to listen to.

Prêt-à-manger’s lobster roll

I have been on a massive hunt to find these, but it was so worth it! With my family, we have a tradition of eating lobster every May, but I had to miss it this year. Finding lobster in London proved to be more difficult than I’d expected. And when I thought I would have to forget it completely this year, Prêt announced that they were launching a limited edition lobster roll made with a baguette. It took me 2 weeks to find one because they were always sold out. When I finally got my hands on one, it was so delicious and I sat in Hyde Park on a beautiful sunny day to eat it, pure bliss!

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