Happy Sunday! I thought I’d share my wish list of the moment with you (or as The Twenties Club calls it ‘Things I’d buy if I didn’t have to pay rent this month’). It’s lots of staples with a modern twist (which are missing from my wardrobe), and of course a few favourites.

  1. Ganni Ankle Boots - No one nails the cowboy boots trend like Ganni

  2. Ribbed cream top (Arket) - Timeless and effortless

  3. Cozy cream cardigan (& Other Stories) - Combining cozy and chic

  4. Byredo Mojave Ghost perfume - My favourite perfume in the world.

  5. Loewe Midnight Blue Puzzle bag - Dream bag.

  6. Copenhagen Food by Trine Hahnemann - The most beautiful coffee table book for lovers of Scandinavian food.

  7. Breton top (Arket) - The perfect everyday basic.

  8. Veja Bastille sneakers - Seems to be what the cool kids are wearing these days, and on top of that, leather sneakers are a bit more durable than canvas one.

  9. Oversized trench coat (Arket) - I had to leave my trench coat in Canada and now I’m on the lookout for the perfect one. It has to be long enough to reach my calf, oversized, and the right shade of tan/stone.

What’s on your summer ‘objects of desire’ list?

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