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Another wonderful week in London just came to an end! I feel like this time it was even busier than I could have imagined. My best friend from Sweden was visiting last weekend and her flight left first thing on Monday morning. Hence why I started my week in a bus at 3am travelling across London (it was so nice to see the sun rise for the first time in a long time).

But then the rest of my day was extremely stressful as I had to balance being productive while noisy handymen worked on my flat (which I learned about the morning of…). Thankfully I have this little hidden gem of a café that I like to go to in Notting Hill and I spent my day there before meeting Franzi for dinner (the café recommendation is also from her and it is called ‘HotShoe 333’ and they also publish their own photography magazine, so cool).

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On Tuesday I attended an event organised by Harper’s Bazaar as part of their networking club which was a discussion with the brilliant Elizabeth Day at the Petersham Restaurant part of Petersham Nurseries (I highly recommend visiting if you have a bit of money to spend). I left there feeling so inspired and happy! At lunch I met up with Lauren (who is the host of the Power Suit Social podcast) and it was so nice to catch up with her at the Facebook offices.

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Wednesday was another splendid day (did I mention the weather has been phenomenal in the past two weeks?). Franzi and I spent the day in Soho and Covent Garden, but first we had a delicious brunch at her place. In the evening, we attended a panel about turning your ambitions into reality organised by the Marriott hotels and hosted by Pandora Sykes. The guests were Emma Gannon, Liz Ward and Cassandra Stavrou (all more inspiring than the other).

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Finally, yesterday I spent the day in Chelsea and got to see the beautiful flower arrangements as part of the Chelsea Flower Show. It was crowded but so lovely to see!

What have you been up to this week? (for more updates about my life in London, follow me on Instagram @sandrinev)