Recently I've been questioning myself a lot in terms of blogging and what I choose to share online. But this especially concerns posting outfit photos and photos of myself. I have become a lot more uncomfortable in front of a camera and when it comes to deciding what to post. Obviously, I love the aspect of styling and sharing great clothing finds on my blog, but it's the aspect of 'putting my face out there' that I get icky with. It's ironic isn't it that I am writing this while sharing outfit pictures? But I loved these Uniqlo chinos so much that I wanted to have them on my blog (see, the dilemma?). I'm still unsure of what I should do. Many times, I refrain from posting blog photos on my Instagram because of the narcissistic component of the process. I don't want my Instagram page or my blog to only have photos of myself. The problem is how could I still talk about fashion in a way that resonates with people if I don’t show the styling and the clothes in action?

One of the positive aspects of posting outfit photos is that it acts as a great visual aid for my posts, which contributes to the “visual identity” of my blog. It's also really good for memories, and it allows me to share what I've been loving in terms of fashion. I’m not sure where I’m going with this or if this makes any sense to you or not, but ultimately I want to find a middle ground, and diversify my content to make sure I don’t just post photos of myself.

Let me know your thoughts!

Chinos: Uniqlo / Top: COS / Bag: Auxiliary via Aritzia / Sunglasses: Céline / Boots: Aldo


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