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Finally, February! It felt like the last month would never end. Somehow, so many things happened while nothing much happened, it’s hard to explain. I’ve been working non-stop both on personal projects, school and actual work, and now it finally feels like things are starting to work out. I still enjoyed a few things in my spare time so I thought I’d share them with you…

Elizabeth Holmes’ So Many Thoughts

I can’t remember if I ever talked about SMT (so many thoughts) on here or not, but it’s been an obsession of mine for a few months now. Basically, Elizabeth Holmes, an American journalist with a penchant for royalty, shares her commentary on the British Duchesses’ outfits on Instagram stories as they go live and she calls her series ‘so many thoughts’. She talks about dressing for the slideshow, the fit of clothes, outfit repeats and so much more. It’s done in such a clever and respectful way and every week I look forward to the royal engagements for her coverage. You can look at her previous posts in her highlights on her Instagram @eholmes.

* Also side note - in these pictures I’m wearing the exact same shoes Meghan Markle wore to a few engagements… talk about royal style!

Yoga With Adriene - 30 Day Yoga Challenge

I’ve gone back to yoga and started the 30 day yoga challenge on the ‘Yoga with Adriene’ challenge. Adriene is laid-back, she knows what she’s doing, and her videos are fun to follow. I’m at day 8 now and I really feel like it’s making a difference to my mood and body (there’s a lot of stretching, which I love). You can also do the yoga challenge by viewing her playlist here.

Doing the ‘Living Abroad Questionnaire’ Series

This month I interviewed 5 amazing ladies about their experiences of living abroad and the response was amazing. I absolutely loved discovering their answers and seeing how it resonated with so many people. If you haven’t read the interviews yet, head here.

Love Stories Podcast Season 2

For the launch of the paperback edition of her book, Dolly Alderton is back with season 2 of her podcast ‘Love Stories’ in which she talks with her guests about passionate love, unrequited love and their first love. The first episode was with Stanley Tucci and he talked about The Devil Wears Prada, working with Nora Ephron, and his two wives (the first one past away). If you’re a hopeless romantic, this one is for you!

Australian Reality TV (Instant Hotel & Yummy Mummies)

Now onto some trashy reality TV! I have to say it’s my guilty pleasure. Netflix has been nailing it recently with 2 Australian shows: Instant Hotel and Yummy Mummies. I’m loving the drama, the amazing accent, and the beautiful scenery. It’s one to watch if you have a little time on your hands.

Coat: Max Mara / Dress: Sandro / Shoes: Manolo Blahnik / Bag: Dior (all pieces are preloved and still available to buy)

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