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Winter is not easy, especially when you live in a northern country. I know it only lasts a few months, but every year I need to find ways to distract myself from the winter blues. It took a while this time but in the past few weeks, I think I’ve managed to beat it with a few discoveries, which you’ll learn all about below. It’s not a one size fits all approach. Find what makes you happy and invest yourself in it until you forget about how miserable this period of the year is. It can be anything from a great song to a comfortable sweater or a fantastic new lipstick shade. And soon enough, before you realize it, the birds will start singing and flowers will be growing…


Unge Lovende (Young Promising)

I am very picky when it comes to TV shows. I hate relying on the ‘hype’ because most of the time I end up not enjoying it. To give you a reference, my favourite shows are Girls, Sex & The City, Skam, Gossip Girl, and now Unge Lovende (I binged watched the episodes). It was recommended to me by the lovely Anne Sofie on Instagram. It’s a Norwegian series following 3 girls in their rambunctious twenties. I love the vibe and the signature Norwegian touches. Watch in English.

Pretty Lingerie (Cath Belle x Simons)

When I don’t feel my best, I make sure to put on a touch of lipstick and my favourite outfit, the same goes for underwear. Pretty underwear will boost your confidence and will make you forget about the dullness of winter. I found this adorable set on sale from the Cath Belle x Simons collection and it’s in my colour palette, it’s comfortable, and it brings me joy! This is about finding a piece that feels like you, but will still empower you!


Skincare (aka dreaming about the Jet Lag Mask)

Technically, skincare does make me feel good. I always rave about hydrating masks (see my post with the Lierac ones). But recently, I’ve been obsessing over the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask and have done so much research on skincare in general in the past few weeks. I just think caring for your skin is a great remedy for winter blues. And I’ll let you know my thoughts on this mask as soon as I try it!

How do you beat the winter blues?

Knit: JW Anderson x Uniqlo / Skirt: Realisation Par

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